#Mine4Future Systems Thinking capability and skills

Digital Twin

The Flight Simulator for Mining - Represent reality and test the future

Through our partnership with ESTEQ Mining, we have developed a full digital twin that represents SiMINE and can be configured to represent any complex system, process or mine. This digital twin allows a low cost and risk approach to conceptualisation of new technologies and approaches and tests the impact as part of the overall system.

Executives can test strategic and tactical decision making in a simulated mine.

Modern Digital Facility

Digital office and workforce of the future.

A state of the art facility that showcases all digital technologies relevant to the management of future business. For example, the integration of interactive projectors and video conferencing into management routines, workshops and meetings.

Executive Networks

Global Industry collaboration.

Leveraging the hybrid collaboration environment to identify and discuss critical aspects of the mine of the future with mining executives and thought leaders globally

Product Launches/ OEM Showcases

Finding and showcasing innovations and technology

Our industry experience and network will showcase latest innovations and technologies from all industries that are relevant to the mining industry. SiMINE @MandelaMiningPrecinct is also available to the industry as a venue for showcase events.


Developing the system thinking capability and skills for #Mine4Future

SiMINE @MandelaMiningPrecinct


Youth in Mining

The future leaders of Mining 4.0

The Mining industry will be competing globally for scarce digital skills. Making mining attractive
to the leaders of the future starts now. Therefore, we actively run programs to expose young
learners to exciting world of mining 4.0 and exposing them to systems thinking.

3D Visualisation Technology

Always at the forefront of Technology

Latest generation visualisation technologies that are relevant to improvement of mining such as augmented, virtual and hybrid reality and interactive digital technologies through our network of collaboration partners.

Industry Hackathons

Collaborative problem solving

‘Open Source Mine’ and the executive networks will frame practical mining challenges that can be solved by an innovative and challenges environment by apply cross industry solution driven hackathons

Open Source Mine

The TED talks for mining

Open Source Mine is a platform for sharing of ideas from all industries that are important to the mine of the future.


Experiential Simulation and Test Bed for Mining 4.0

SiMINE Mining Simulation is a physical mining simulation being used to expose and build Systems Thinking capability in the mining industry and as a test bed for the technologies, capabilities and organisation of the mine of the future.


Upcoming Programmes

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