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SiMINE @MandelaMiningPrecinct
Mandela Mining Precinct

Mandela Mining Precinct

The Mandela Mining Precinct is a public private partnership between government and industry to foster growth, transformation, investment and employment preservation and creation along the entire mining value chain. To maximise the returns of South Africa’s mineral wealth through collaborative, sustainable Research, Development, Innovation and Implementation of mining technologies in a socially, environmentally and financially responsible manner that is rooted in the well being of local communities and the national economy

Vuuma Collaborations

VUUMA Collaborations

Implementation of integrated Systems Thinking for mining that consists of role and levels of work, cascading measures and KPIs,  work and management routines and the supporting data and technology. The people change is of the key focus areas for the mine of the future.



Development of digital solution solutions for the digital mine.



Leveraging the technologies and systems thinking from the aerospace and automotive industries to disrupt current mining practices. Digital Twin as the flight Simulator for Mining to represent reality and test what is possible.



Accelerating capital project studies and development by leveraging engineering best practices and technology from all other industries. A digital twin to integrated all engineering disciplines and decisions that becomes the operational planning solution for the operating asset.

CNM LiveCast

CNM LiveCast has developed a live streaming solution that enables businesses of all sizes to easily broadcast events with video, audio, and content sharing. Leveraging the latest technology and innovative thinking, our solution has been designed to make virtual events a more interactive experience that keeps participants engaged.

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