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SiMINE is a physical and digital simulation that replicates a business value stream. It serves to expose the challenges of daily work and generate dissonance.

It makes participants aware of the importance of a structured approach to the operational improvement of the organisation, and helps the organisation accelerate Operational Systems Capability.

We collaborate with our clients to enhance their team management skills and capabilities.

We help by equipping their people with the skills they need to embrace current and future technologies and use them to their fullest potential. We also help you with streamlining work processes, and discovering how you can fulfil your value stream’s potential.

From mining to paper manufacturing, SiMINE can be applied and replicated to suit any industry, value stream activity, or process.

Interactive Walkthrough

Our  platform  is  utilised  for  both  experiential  skills  development  and  as  a  test  bed  for  mining 4.0  organisation  design  and  technologies.

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